Les salles Pasteur
Imaging the Immune System
September 19-21, 2018, Paris

Scientific Information Center Auditorium (CIS)


The auditorium has a maximum capacity of 529 people in a vast space covering 520 m2. It offers retractable seating and integrated writing tablet supports, plus a sound system and video projection equipment. Housed in the Scientific Information Center, the auditorium and adjacent spacious, naturally lit, air-conditioned areas offer the perfect environment for meetings and conventions. The two halls (285 m2 and 200 m2) are designed to greet delegates and guests and hold coffee breaks, poster sessions, exhibitions and cocktail receptions. Additional facilities available include: a fitted cloakroom, WiFi internet connection and technical office. A local firm and cold-storage facility are available for your catering requirements. The Conference hall, or "Espace Congrès", currently features three 100 m2 modules that can be joined together or separated by movable partition walls. The modular facility can accommodate up to 320 delegates or guests in an ideal setting for meeting or dining, with waiter service or self-service buffet, whether you are planning a lunch or dinner gathering, cocktail or other reception. The facilities can also be arranged in a meeting room configuration. Note: For safety reasons, minors below the age of 16 years are not allowed onto the Pasteur Campus.


Institut Pasteur
Campus de l’Institut Pasteur, Paris 15ème
Bibliothèque, Archives, Auditorium modulable de 520 places Bureaux de direction Parking
7 500 m²
Construction Neuve
15 383 302,00 € HT
Livré en 1995
YAZIDJAN, BE Structure
ESSOR Ingénierie, BE Fluides
INEELEC, BE Electricité
ACV, Acoustique
Lemoine, Economie



François Jacob Auditorium


The auditorium is located in the new François Jacob building for the study of emerging diseases and has seating capacity for 125 people in a distinctly modern setting. The auditorium is fully equipped with a sound system and video projection equipment. Note: For safety reasons, minors below the age of 16 years are not allowed onto the Pasteur Campus.


Liste du matériel audiovisuel de l’auditorium du CFJ Sonorisation:
- 2 micros col de cygne SHURE MX-412/N – R184B (sur le pupitre)
- 2 micros HF Senheiser ew-365 G3
- 4 enceintes APG DS8
- 1 console Yamaha 01V96i
- 1 anti larsen DBX AFS-224
- 1 vidéoprojecteur SONY VPL-FH30:
  • 4000 lumens
  • résolution utilisée 1280 x 800 (réso. max 1920 x 1200)
- 1 écran de projection 1,82m x 2,90m
- 1 sélecteur informatique Analog Way PLS-200
- 2 écrans de rappel SONY 55’’
Eclairage scénique:
- 4 projecteurs à LED LDDE SpectraWOW (4500K)
Pilotage de la salle:
- 1 automate Crestron AV2
- 1 interface tactile murale


Duclaux Lecture Theater


The auditorium is located in the Emile Duclaux building and was entirely renovated in 2013. It offers a prestigious setting that can accommodate up to 276 people Note: For safety reasons, minors below the age of 16 years are not allowed onto the Pasteur Campus.










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